Robots and employment | Kick off at University of Tilburg

10 February

17:30 Welcome with soup and sandwiches

18:00 Presentation of  assignments of participating companies

19:00 Lecture by Ton Wilthagen and Lisa E. Rombout

20:00 Introduction between companies, students and teachercoaches

21.00 End

Location: Tilburg University

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Technology behind care

17 February

17:30 Welcome with sandwiches

18:00 Lecture by Daniël Telgen (lector Robotics en Sensoring) and Matthijs Kmakman (teacher Hogeschool Utrecht / PhD Candidate VU Amsteram)

19:00 Tour GET-Lab 

20:00 Teamwork 

21:00 End

Location: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda

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Company visit Philips Healthcare (only for participating students)

9 March

14:30 Welcome with coffee/tea

15:00 Tour

16:00 Break with drinks

16:15 Teamwork

18:30 End

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Interaction between human and robot

23 March

17:30  Welcome with sandwiches

18:00 Lecture by Janienke  Sturm (lector Human and Technology, HRM en Psychology) and Mark de Graaf (lector Interaction Design )

19:00 Teamwork

21:00 End

Location: TUe terrein, De Rondom 1, Eindhoven, collegezaal  ER 4.76 (4e etage) 

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Robotics and  Ethics

6 April

17:30 Welcome with sandwiches

18:00 Lecture by Lambèr Rooijakkers (Associate Professor of Ethics and Technology)

19:00 Teamwork

21:00 End

Locatie: TUe Campus, De Zaale Eindhoven, Flux gebouw, collegezaal  1.02

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Final presentations of studentteams BRC 2020

20 April

15.00 – 17.30

Locatie: Strijp S, Torenallee 22, Eindhoven

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