Urk restless after robotization

The Algemeen Dagblad wrote September 2, 2016 about how the village of Urk is in an uproar about a new fish sorting machine. Urk is a village where fishing is an important part of the culture. At the fish auction (say the fish auction) a fish sorting machine was purchased, which replaces the work of some of local employees. This causes a lot of unrest. Bricks have flown through windows, the director's car tires have punctured and the machine itself has already had some mysterious disorders. The whole story almost reminds us how angry artisans at the time of the industrial revolution destroyed looms . Could this dissatisfaction have been prevented if the employees had been more involved in the decision to automate? Is this technology a threat to Urk's culture? And did the fish auction have a choice or did it have to automate to stay ahead of international competitors? Read this piece and judge for yourself. In any case, it is a striking example of the unrest that automation and robotization can entail.

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