From September 2016 to January 2017, four institutions for higher education in Brabant - Tilburg University, Fontys, Eindhoven University of Technology and Avans University of Applied Sciences - jointly offer a unique multidisciplinary Robot Challenge, provided by top teachers and in close collaboration with companies and organizations in Brabant.

In the smart manufacturing region of Brabant, the effects of robotization will probably occur sooner and on a larger scale than in the rest of the Netherlands, due to the far-reaching interconnectedness of the business community in industry and healthcare, technical education and government. In this way, Noord-Brabant can seize opportunities this way and try to prevent negative consequences.

Higher education institutions in Brabant see a task for preparing together with their students for the Brabant of the future. With the Robot Challenge they offer inspiring lectures and practical assignments to students from all disciplines. A society with robots not only requires technical and medical knowledge, but also needs to use social science, economic, legal and ethical insights. For example, why are care robots embraced in one care department and not in another?

Practical issues

The Brabant Robot Challenge consists of five meetings in which top lecturers from the educational institutions involved highlight aspects of robotisation. The first edition is devoted to robotization in the healthcare sector: companies and institutions including the ETZ hospital, NOSSk, GGZe, Preceyes and Vughterstede will "pitch" a practical issue of robotization to students. They will then work on this in multidisciplinary groups. The students present their solutions at the final meeting, with the best being awarded. The knowledge acquired by the students benefits the participating companies and institutions.

The Brabant Robot Challenge is made possible in part by Brabant Kennis and the Beagle innovation program from the Province of Noord-Brabant.