Robots and employment / Hacking Intimacy

Datum: 09/03/2020
Tijd: 17:30 - 21:00

17.30 Welcome with soup and sandwiches

18:00 Presentation of  assignments of participating companies

19:00 College by Ton Wilthagen (Professor Public Law and Governance) and Lisa E. Rombout, MSc. (PhD Candidate Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, two-time winner of Goldsmith Universities’ SexTechHack)

Ton: The original meaning of the term robot is ‘slave’. Will robots remain our slaves, or will we become the slaves of the robots? Will robots take our jobs, change our jobs, or help us keeping jobs and doing our jobs better? How does this work out in practice, especially in the health care sector. How can we help people in upgrading themselves in order to be able to keep pace with technological developments?

Lisa: Technology is inseparably connected to all aspects of our lives, including our intimate relationships with others – we often enjoy the company of friends and family through technological means. We have also developed relationships with the technology itself – we talk to our Roomba, care for our Tamagotchi, have separation anxiety over our smartphone, and enjoy technology-mediated sexual experiences. There are many scientific and commercial efforts to develop companion robots, but the commercially available technology is often designed for a very narrow definition of sexuality and intimacy. In this talk I will discuss patterns and findings in the commercial and scientific development of companionship technologies, and highlight some alternative projects among hacker communities. How can a hacker mindset help you to develop the robot you want?

20:00 Introduction between companies, students and teachercoaches

21.00 End

Location: University of Tilburg, Cobbenhagen Gebouw, Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg, zaal Cz114