Challenge 2

Challenge 2020: Improve collaboration with a surgical robot in Máxima Medical Centre

In November 2018, Máxima MC in Veldhoven acquired a Senhance surgical robot from the company TransEnterix. Although surgical robots have received much media attention for years, this robot is only the second of its kind that is available on the international market, after the Da Vinci of Intuitive Surgical. MMC is the first hospital in the Netherlands to have acquired a Senhance. Over 200 operations have since been carried out. This is sufficient practical experience to be able to make an assessment of the impact of the introduction of this new technology.

The Senhance robot facilitates the surgeon's work by allowing him to perform surgical manipulations while seated behind a console. This console is located in a corner of the large operating room, which means that there are a few meters between the surgeon and the rest of the team and the equipment that is placed around the operating table. This fact changes both the communication and the cooperation within the team. While normally a surgeon, assistant, and OR nurse work side by side and can easily demonstrate or take over specific actions, the surgeon must now make a full verbal statement of what he wants. Due to the greater distance and equipment placed in the line of sight, it is also more difficult for the surgeon to follow what exactly is happening at the table. Therefore, more and different communication is required from the operating table to the surgeon. The questions that MMC now has, are:

- Which improvements in the OR or in the OR process can promote team communication in this situation?

- Can the effectiveness of the team be improved by rearranging tasks between employees?

In other words: what can be optimized in "who does what where?"

The studentteam who worked on this case won (together with the team of Farent).

Comment of the jury:

In difficult corona times, the group was creative in finding experienced persons to interview. They made optimal use of their diverse backgrounds and the mix of qualities. Working in English was clearly not evident. Overcoming the misalignment created new energy.
It more a problem analysis (no hypothesis), recommendations are based on exisiting solutions
Clear explanation of the  methodes, good literature study
Effective application of existing technology
It's good to see that various products are already out there that solve existing problems.
solutions are realistic and to the point
Actual with data, good explanation
More a communication assignment than a robot issue
I'm curious to hear the opinion of the hospital with regard to the proposed solutions.
Good analysis of problem and interesting recommendations, but partly based on existing systems
Net rapport, uitvoerig maar niet langdradig, + voor recommendations
Gained a good grip on unusual issues. Clearly defined
The investigation method has been studied very well.
Decent overview, no new insights