Challenge 4

Vitalis WoonZorg Group has 4 nursing homes and 2 rehabilitation centers in Eindhoven. In addition, Vitalis offers various forms of well-being and care in 5 residential flats and 19 apartment complexes in Eindhoven. Varying from home care to intensive nursing home care. Vitalis employs approximately 2,300 employees, who, together with more than 1,250 volunteers, provide daily support to more than 6,500 elderly people, so that they can live independently or reside in the way they themselves want to.

Vitalis sees the potential for the use of robots to take over care tasks in care for the elderly, such as washing, getting dressed, and putting on compression stockings.
What choices does Vitalis have to make in order to prepare for a near future in which the deployment of robots as part of a care team is a reality? And with which partners should this preparation be carried out? Are care teams and clients ready to work with robots? Who is going to help us take a first step?