Robotics and  Ethics

Datum: 06/04/2020
Tijd: 17:30 - 21:00

17:30 Welcome with sandwiches

18:00 College by Lambèr Rooijakkers (Associate Professor of Ethics and Technology)

Lambèr Royakkers, IE&IS TU Eindhoven

The use of care robots appeals to specters of a care home without care staff. A robot at the bedside that efficiently and purposefully performs the much-needed tasks while ignoring the person in question.

Against a background of an aging population, robots can offer the additional “hands” to the bed. With the new robotics developments, the use of robots in healthcare does not seem far away. But is the scenario of the robot as a nurse of the future a beautiful vista or sheer nonsense? And which ethical issues play a role in this? This lecture examines the ethical and societal issues that care robots can bring, now and in the long term.

19:00 tot 21:00: Teamwork

Locatie: TUe Campus, De Zaale Eindhoven, Flux gebouw, collegezaal  1.02



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