Interaction between human and robot

Datum: 06/04/2020
Tijd: 18:30 - 21:00

This meeting was the meeting of March 23.
Webinar via ZOOM:        Meeting ID: 825 648 272



18:30 Seminar by Janienke  Sturm (lector Human and Technology, HRM en Psychology) AND Mark de Graaf (lector Interaction Design )

19:30 tot 21:00: Teamwork


Dr. Janienke Sturm (1974) graduated Cum Laude as a language and speech technologist from the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. After graduating, she conducted PhD research at the Language and Speech department of Radboud University Nijmegen into the usefulness of a train travel information system based on speech recognition. She has worked as a researcher in various national and international projects at the Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven. Her expertise lies in the areas of user-oriented design, playful interactions and influencing technology.

In 2010, Janienke started at Fontys ICT as Project Leader of a large-scale research project into the use of games for physical activity stimulation among VMBO students (PlayFit). In 2012 she won the Fontys Knowledge Prize for the publication “PlayFit: designing playful activity interventions for teenagers”. Since 1 November 2012, she has been a lecturer on ‘People and Technology’ at the HRM and Psychology Institute of Fontys Hogescholen. Mark de Graaf is lecturer on ‘Interaction Design’ at Fontys Hogeschool ICT. The Interaction Design (formerly Serious Game Design) Research Group positions itself in a broader development in which interactive technologies increasingly play a key role in bringing back the human dimension in complex systems. Games can play an important role in this: these are often very effective in addressing the intrinsic motivation with which, for example, sustainable positive behavioral change can be achieved.

The Interaction Design Research Group is engaged in research into various aspects of gaming. For example, research is being conducted into the motivating factor of games. New possibilities for the use of games in culture, entertainment, education and health care are being researched and devised.

Webinar via ZOOM: Meeting ID: 825 648 272